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Article: Helsinki Spa

Helsinki Airport: Enjoy your Time!

Usually, when doing a long distance flight, there is a good chance that there is no direct connection. While in most cases this means burning time (and often money) senselessly at some airport, Helsinki airport can offer a different experience.

Placed in the international part of the terminal, Finnair invites you to relax in their Airport Spa, and if you have to wait more than say 2 hours for your next flight, don't hesitate to take this offer.

The Spa offers some usual stuff, like whirlpool, relax area and various treatments. But it gets really cool when it comes to what Finland is, among others, famous for: Sauna.

You like turkish steam bath? You get it. Loving the original hot and dry finish sauna experience? Go ahead and enjoy. You ever wondered what a Stone Bath Sauna is like? Open the door and step in.

But our favorites were others. First off, the Brechelbath. This is a type of dry wood based sauna similar to original finish one, but not as hot. Additionally, the floor is covered with spruce branches. This gives the air a wonderful aroma, and your feet some pleasant stings.

Our second favorite was the Rasul. You have a private room for two - you better bring your partner or a good friend - which is basically a steam bath. You have a choice of various aromatic oils to get mixed with a paste to be put all over your body. The small room has two "thrones" facing each other, to sit comfortably and have a chat if you will. When the treatment begins, the room slowly fills up with herbs flavored steam, while only some star-like mini lights shine from the ceiling.

After about 25 minutes it's guaranteed that you have come to a point of deep relaxation. This is where it begins to "rain" from everywhere, giving you the chance both to have a feeling of a refreshing warm summer rain as well as to wash of your skin paste. There is only one possible reason for not feeling deeply satisfied, which is - wanting more of that!

Believe me - I never ever enjoyed an airport stay as much as this. We already had some nice days in Finland some time ago, now we can add some fantastic hours in Finland to the record.

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