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Two People, Two Rucksacks, Two Regulators

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Our journey has begun. Here we will keep you updated about our experiences. Read our articles below, and don't miss our personal blog posts

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Video Clip: Impressions staying and diving on Nusa Lembongan - The Full Mola

One of our favorite video clips so far - our days on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Nice island, great diving, awesome Mola Mola. This time the video is marked public viewable in the first place...

Schönes Wetter, dunkles Büro

Es ist wunderbar draussen - die Sonne scheint, die Vöglein zwitschern - und wir sitzen hier am Rechner und basteln an unserer Greenwater Divers Website. Tausend Dinge sind noch zu tun:...